the Adamant Co-op
General store, Post Office and Community Hub in the heart of Adamant since 1935

Adamant is filled with great cooks.   They cook for their famillies, of course, but many people cook for the Co-op
...... as volunteers  to make things like Chicken Pot pies for the freezer so there is something for dinner when you have a busy day........ as volunteers to work on Friday Night Cookouts where there are interesting salads, great special entrees and wonderful desserts.

There are volunteer crews who get together in  the upstairs kitchen and make Chicken Pot Pies,   Mac and Cheese and three kinds of empanadas. The sign up sheet for cookouts includes three cooks each making salads for 25 people and another three for the same number of sesserts.
I am often working in my studio next door and in addition to wonderful smells,  there is a lot of conversation and laughter out of that room.